Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last Minute Donkey Prep

For the show at Donkey, I decided to get crazy and make one more piece, this is Tiki Toad, he is about 36 inches wide by maybe 24 inches high and is made totally from stash fabrics and stash batting. I knew there was a reason I'd buy so many of the PolyFil batts when they were 1/2 off at JoAnn (I still have one whole one left after this, I would buy the crib size). Hanging it either during the QN opening (around 6pm or when everyone goes to the banquet) or around 11pm Friday night. Eeek. I think I'm a bit crazy, but I'd been waiting for a Donkey show for literally years (they lost my info so I got pushed further back in the queue when I finally spoke up again) and the Perk's show was just a hang what's already available, and as for the library show, well, I am playing with paint. But there will be some quilts for that, too :)

PS glad to see y'all here, this will be great! :)

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